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Stage 21. Evry to Paris

Paris ... we've been waiting for this moment for quite some time! Riders reunited with friends and family - tearful and joyful in equal measure. CONGRATULATIONS to each and every Tour de Forcer - not just those who rode

Stage 20. Bergerac to Perigueux

Time trail day. We don't have the luxury of closed roads, sadly. So our riders faced traffic and traffic lights. Most didn't mind and were happy to make stops in cafes rather than endure beasting themselves today. Those t

Stage 19. Maubourguet Pays du Val D’Adour to Bergerac

There is a sense that some of the guys are getting de-mob happy - and it's fascinating to see how different folk deal with the prospect of completing this epic challenge. This photo was taken on top of Hautacam yesterday - f

Stage 18. Pau to Hautacam

Tourmalet and Hautacam - two of the climbs that are guaranteed to fill a cyclist with fear, dread and excitement all in equal measure. In 2012, one Tour de Force rider was called off the Tourmalet in an emergency dash to

Stage 17. St Gaudens to St Lary Soulan

Today has been yet another sun-drenched scorcher - a shorter ride but even harder than yesterday perhaps. Massive climbs in searing heat on top of the super-long steaming hot day yesterday (some riders didn't arrive at the h

Stage 16. Carcassone to Bagneres de Luchon

Rest days are restorative things - particularly in the sunshine - which is just as well considering what we faced today - the first of 3 HUGE days in the Pyrenees: As you can see - a pretty gentle, fast start to the d

Stage 15. Tallard to Nimes

Ahhh ... the bliss of the sun on your back ... the delightful Provençal scenery ... the lavender fields ... the sheer pleasure of sheltering from the sun under the shade of olive trees. What a difference a day makes. Is

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