The Tour de Force was created by and for the William Wates Memorial Trust.

  • To date, participants and supporters have raised over £2.5 millionWill re-seized
  • Our goal is to raise £500,000 every year

The mission – William Wates Memorial Trust helps the most disadvantaged young people keep away from a life of crime and violence and fulfil their potential.

All monies raised by participants and supporters help the Trust fulfil this mission.

This is achieved by giving grants to charities that engage young people through the mediums of sport, arts and education. William was aware of his privileged background and was keen to help others – the aims of the Trust reflect where his interests would have been if he was alive today.

If you’ve read this far you can help by simply registering your interest – your only commitment is to receive a newsletter (which you can cancel at any stage) but it’s the first step to joining us on the Tour and helping William’s legacy.

You can help just by registering your interest


“The fact that I was able to raise much more than (my £1500 fundraising target) is a testament to the quite extraordinary reason that the WWMT exists: principally that, as a family, you chose such a way to remember Will and create a legacy that will far outlive the sad and wasteful circumstance of his passing. It was a privilege to … be able to contribute towards furthering the goals of the WWMT” ~ Chris Winstanley, Rider

For more information about the William Wates Memorial Trust, or to find out about the charities it supports, visit the Trust’s own website:

WWMT Posters

We have these WWMT posters that you can use to advertise the work of the Trust (or use as additional case studies). Just print them off.