Your Questions Answered


The table below shows you the targets to be reached for each Tour Taster in 2017.

IMPORTANT: Please note that we ask you to reach 80% of your target by the end of April.

Tour Taster Fundraising Target 80% (due by end April 2017)
Lifer £2500 £2000
TT1 £1200 £960
TT2 £1000 £800
TT3 £1200 £960
TT4 £800 £640
TT5 £1200 £960
TT6 £1200 £960
TT7 £1500 £1200
TT8 £1500 £1200
TT9 £1200 £960
TT10 £1200 £960

For cash donations, use this sponsorship form to record their details and where they are UK tax payers, they need to tick the Gift Aid box. When ready, send your sponsorship form (along with any cheques) to Tracy: TDF/Sponsorship, 43 Orchard Road, Edinburgh, EH4 2EU.

For cheque donations, you can also add them to this form if they are a UK tax payer so that we can claim the gift aid. Cheques where the donor does not wish us to claim gift aid do not need to be added to the sponsorship form and can simply be sent to Tracy at the above address, with a note to ensure we know which rider it is for!

Please use Virgin Money Giving as your online fundraiser: they offer the best deal for charities, fundraisers and supporters. It also make it easy for us to track your progress. It is really quick and easy and the best way to start your fundraising efforts.

To create your page go to Virgin Money Giving – Tour de Force 2017 and follow the simple instructions.

  • ALWAYS include a profile picture. Virgin Money Giving have found that pages with a profile image raise 117% MORE than those that don’t.
  • ALSO show the target we have set you (you can always increase it !) – pages with a target have been shown to raise 100% more than those that don’t.
  • PROMOTE your page via Facebook if you can – 50% of donations through Virgin Money Giving come via Facebook. It works!
  • Add photos and even videos to your page.

1. Cheques should be made payable to ‘The William Wates Memorial Trust’ and posted to Tour de Force/Sponsorship at 43 Orchard Road, Edinburgh, EH4 2EU. Make sure we know which rider it’s for!

2. CAF cheques or similar can either be posted to Tour de Force/Sponsorship at 43 Orchard Road, Edinburgh, EH4 2EU or wired directly to WWMT, but MUST include the rider’s name and TDF, eg.”JoeBlogTDF” so that we can identify the donation as yours and add it to your tally.

3. If sponsors give you cash, pay it into your bank account and then either make a payment onto your own Virgin Money Giving page for that amount, or post us a cheque (see instruction above).

In all cases, we will add these donations to your overall tally so we’ll be able to see when you’ve reached your target. If you wish it to show up on your Virgin Money Giving (VMG) page, simply add it as funds ‘raised offline’ by going into your VMG account and ‘editing’. You can change the amount raised offline manually, below the thermometer icon on the right hand side.

Please always include a completed Sponsor-gift aid Form along with any cheques so that we can claim the gift aid (an extra 25%!)

All the money you raise via Virgin Money Giving will automatically be paid directly to WWMT immediately (including Gift Aid where eligible) so we’ll be able to see when you’ve reached your target.

Any amounts listed ‘offline’ do not get added to your target until we receive those monies. We will always email you to confirm receipt of cheques.

Cheques are paid into the charity bank account weekly. Money raised via Ebay For Charity will be collected from you by PayPal Giving 3 weeks after your close of sale and paid directly to the WWMT bank account, including gift aid where eligible.

In simple terms, gift aid enables WWMT to claim an extra 25% on any donation made by a UK tax payer, at no cost to the donor. It can make a huge difference! (but sorry, gift aid isn’t included in your target).

Donations through Virgin Money Giving, Ebay and Easyfundraising all require a simple tick in the box. If you receive a cash donation or a cheque, then you will need to ask the donor to complete a line on our Sponsor Gift Aid form – then post it to us. Please refer to ‘Cash, Cheques, CAF or similar’ above.

For a fuller explanation of Gift Aid, follow this link to the HMRC page on gift aid.

No. Gift Aid is not included in your target, but it is still very very important. The charity receives 25% of any donation eligible for gift aid, so it can make an enormous difference. You need to complete the Sponsor-gift aid Form and submit along with any cheques so that the charity can claim gift aid. Any donations made via Virgin Money Giving or Ebay are dealt with automatically so you don’t need to worry about these.

Yes of course! In fact, we’d love you to.

We organise several group visits for riders to WWMT-supported charities each year. They’re listed on our events page, so come along!

If you can’t make any of these visits, we’ll organise something specially for you. Just drop Tracy a line to organise.

“Actually meeting some of the people involved in, and helped by, the charities really helped me to realise what the work put in was for and put into context the triviality of the challenge of just cycling” – Paul Jukes, rider 2012, 2013 & 2017

The William Wates Memorial Trust is always keen to hear about new charities to support and encourage riders to champion suitable charities. So if you already work with, or know about a charity whose goals are shared by the Trust, consider applying for a grant. The Trust reviews applications 3 times a year: May, September and January. Find out more here. The following charities have been successfully introduced to WWMT by previous Tour de Force riders: