DinnerThe Tour de Force is open to all amateur cyclists who:

  • Pay the cost of the stages they sign up for
  • Commit to raising the minimum sponsorship for WWMT
  • Have completed adequate training to be able to take part
  • Complete the medical questionnaire, signed by their doctor
  • Agree to the terms and conditions of the Tour de Force 2016

Gareth, our lead cyclist will be cycling with you and motivating any cyclists who need some extra inspiration. Sarah will be in one of the support vehicles managing logistics. Tracy is back in HQ dealing with any additional admin.

There will be at least five vehicles and 10 additional staff with you throughout the ride looking after all of your mechanical, medical and daily needs!

DinnerYour accommodation and food is covered by your Tour Taster cost. You will have accommodation booked for the night before your TT starts and for the night after your last day of cycling.

You will have the opportunity to buy single supplements (subject to availability) but otherwise accommodation is on a twin/triple share basis.

Breakfast and dinner will be provided in the hotels (other meals are described below) each morning and evening.

We provide everything you need in terms of food and hydration (small charge for energy gels and re-hydration drink tablets). We advise you rely on proper food as much as possible (rather than too many gels which can be problematic for your stomach over multiple days) and so this is what we focus on providing…
There are 4 feed stops a day: every 40km or so depending on terrain etc. Every stop provides water and squash for flavour.Feed stop 1
First Stop – 40km. 2nd breakfast: bananas, cake, dried fruit, peanuts.
Second Stop – 80km: brunch: sandwiches, biscuits, fruit.
Third Stop – 120km: lunch: pasta or rice salad with cheese, tuna etc. Cakes or tarts or biscuits.
Fourth Stop – 160km: tea: treats! Patisserie or chocolate milk or sweets plus crisps, nuts etc. More bananas.

The event follows the route of each year’s Tour de France, starting and finishing 7 days before the professional riders. Where necessary we will modify the route slightly for safety or logistical reasons (for example if the Tour route uses a section of closed autoroute which would be unsafe for our cyclists).

We have the best signing team around. They are highly experienced and are cyclists themselves, so they understand how and where to put a sign up to make sure you don’t go Signagewrong.

Every step of the route is signed, from hotel to hotel, so although many of you will have Garmins, you will have no need for their navigational tools. Route signing is one of the things we get the most compliments about. Ask any of our past cyclists and they will tell you that it really is as good as we say it is!

“I’m still amazed how the signing is done – even now! Excellent” Rory, 2010 and 2012 TT Cyclist and 2014 Lifer

“Route signing was amazingly good. I was a bit concerned about how this would work, but it turned out to be perfect” Clare, 2013 Cyclist

Luggage… We move all your luggage from hotel to hotel each day. Main luggage travels in our van and will be waiting for you on arrival at the next hotel. We also have space for a day bag or Luggage transferstwo to travel in the feedstop vehicles which you see every 40 km.

Cyclists… We (almost) always sleep at the finish point of a stage. If the next stage starts in a location different to that of the previous stage finish, we will take you by coach transfer to the next start town. Your bikes will be transferred in our vans. You don’t need to worry about any of these logistics – we take care of it all.

MechanicWe have one or two cycling volunteer doctors who are on hand to discuss medical concerns and prescribe any medication you need. We also have cycling specialist physiotherapists and massage therapists (small extra charge) with us who are on hand at lunch and in the evenings to treat injuries and give advice.

Our mechanics are the best you’ll ever find. The friendliest, cheeriest, speediest mechanics in the country who are on hand to help repair any problems that occur. We carry a good amount of spare parts but if you have a complicated problem or if your bike breaks beyond repair we carry very high quality spare bikes (courtesy of Trek) for you to borrow temporarily to keep you cycling. We will then try to get the necessary parts (at your expense) from a local bike shop or help you in any other way we can so that there is no reason to miss a mile on the bike!

Cyclists pay their own tour costs to Tour de Force and agree to raise a minimum sponsorship for the William Wates Memorial Trust (paid directly to the Trust).

Once the tour route is released each October we divide the route into Tour Taster packages. The basic cost for a Tour Taster in 2017 is £140 per night which covers food, accommodation, transport and a small admin fee.

Exact details are available on the Tour Tasters page so this table is as a guide only to give you an idea of how it works:

Stages Ridden Overnights Cost to Cyclist Minimum Sponsorship
2 3 £420 £800
3 4 £560 £1200
7 8 £1120 £1200
10 (including 1 rest day) 12 £1680 £1500
21 (including 2 rest days) 24 £3360 £2500

Registration will be online on a first come first served basis with one week of priority booking for those who have registered their interest and completed our short online questionnaire. A £200, non-refundable deposit (£400 for Lifers) will be taken at time of registration. The remainder of the tour cost will be payable in two instalments in January and March. For further information on payment, please see our Terms and Conditions

and will need to make your own arrangements for making your way to and from your start and finish hotels. We will provide you with information on how to get there and home and will even put you in touch with other people making the same journey if taxi shares or train company are desired!

We try to be as helpful as we can and we know that transporting your bike on planes and trains can be a bit of a nightmare. So we offer bike transport…

Trucks go to and from France throughout the event (exact drop off and pick up points will be announced in January when we have organised all of the necessary logistics). Bike transfers cost £25 per bike per transfer and can be bought in January at the time of second payments. There’s lots more information on bike transport here.

If you’d prefer to bring your bike on the train/plane, that’s absolutely fine. We’re happy to store soft cases and cardboard boxes, but unfortunately we have to have a zero tolerance policy towards hard cases. This isn’t to be mean, it’s just because they take up so much room in the vans that we’d need an extra truck just to keep them all with us.

We expect there to be between 50 and 100 cyclists on any given stage of the Tour de Force.

Luggage will be stored in our van and transported for you to the next hotel. You will also be able to keep a day bag in one of our support vehicles with things that you might need during the day but don’t want to carry with you on your bike.

Cycling will start at approx. 7.30/8.00am (where necessary you will be transferred by coach to the start of the day’s route).

We ask that the first 40-50km is cycled at group pace – this creates a great team spirit on the event and lets you cycle with different people for a short time and get to know your fellow cyclists. After the first stop you are free to cycle the rest of the day at your own pace, with rolling stops. In the unlikely event of an emergency or if there is a very good logistical reason, we may ask you to wait at a certain point and we expect the group to cooperate with these requests.

We acknowledge the desire to cycle at your own pace and will do everything possible to accommodate all ability levels on the Tour de Force. However, we must stress that this is not a race but a friendly event which hopes to cater to all levels of amateur cyclist who have completed adequate training.

The hope is that stronger cyclists will support weaker ones and that everyone will feel included and valued.

On arrival at the evening’s hotel, your bike will be stored securely, rooms will be allocated and dinner times will be posted. Bike mechanics and massage therapists will be on hand to help put your bikes and you back together! During or immediately after dinner, you will find out from Gareth and Sarah what the next day has to offer!

You must provide your own insurance for the event. This is entirely your own responsibility. Every rider should have a travel insurance policy that covers possessions, health, accident and loss on a cycling event in Europe. Please make sure that you are covered by insurance. There is more information on insurance in our Terms and Conditions and, when you have signed up, in the ‘Pre Tour Information’ on our Riders/Resources page.