Paris extras and bike transport – last call out!

End of April is a busy time! On top of hitting 80% of your fundraising, there are a few really important bits of tour admin to wrap up. The advantage? You get to focus on just your training for the last few weeks leading up to the tour! So come on – get your admin sorted – you know it makes sense!

Bike Transport

You have until the end of April to book any bike transport (BT) you require. If the BT you need is sold out already, drop Tracy an email telling her what you’re after. Purchase from ‘My Shop’ on  Your TDF Member page .

Paris Extras

You also have until end of April to book any Paris Extras that you need. Again – purchase from ‘My Shop’ on Your TDF Member page


If you haven’t sorted this yet, do it now! Every year someone gets injured before the tour and before they’ve bought their insurance – don’t let it be you! More info on … you’ve got it … Your TDF Member page under ‘Event Info’ and ‘Pre-Tour Information’.

Travel to/from France

Later this month we’ll put those of you travelling out and home together in touch, so that you can plan to hook up, share taxis etc where relevant. Keep your eye out for those emails!