TDFers hit the bumps with London BMX

A small group of riders, accompanied by lead cyclist Gareth Jones and trustee Monty Wates headed to the Burgess Park BMX this week. Warmly welcomed by CK (a radio DJ) and Joe McTague from Access Sport, our riders discovered how they’re using WWMT funding to renovate a track in Brixton. Though run down now, the funding will pay to bring it up to the same fantastic standard as Burgess Park (an excellent facility).

Our riders were given the opportunity to ride the track several times, including one rider (Tom) who bravely rode his BMX while still dressed in suit and office shoes, much to everyone’s amusement and respect.


Gareth shows us how it’s done

Suited BMX? Pourquoi pas Tom?

Everyone had a go

Our group was impressed with just how far London BMX has brought some of the kids over the years – they have several riders from the club on the British Cycling programme and have won national championships in various age groups.

“There was a real community feel to the club and it was really encouraging not only seeing the adults supporting the kids, but also the older, more experienced, kids looking after the younger boys and girls. The team there do an amazing job in encouraging kids to choose BMX and other activities over gangs and gang culture. It was a really impressive set up”.
– Matthew Slaffer

“I was really impressed with the track and the whole set-up. The story of how the track was built and how the club was established and has grown was pretty inspirational. The kids were really enthusiastic and clearly love riding, and quite a few of them are very good at it too. 

CK and the other volunteers there are clearly very dedicated and committed and they’ve created a really good facility that seems to be doing wonders for the community. Hats off to them. I look forward to doing what I can to contribute to the continued success of the club by raising funds for them”.
– James Danaher

“CK was an inspiration and has clearly built something special there with great community involvement and shared values across all those who make the club a success”. 
– Tom Campbell

We encourage all our riders to visit one of the WWMT-supported charities if they possibly can. You are all fundraising hard and it’s important that you know how and where your funds are being spent as well as the impact they have. We have one more group charity visit scheduled for Wednesday 29th March. Please come if you can (let Tracy know if you can make it) but if you can’t manage that date and still wish to visit a charity, get in touch and we’ll arrange a one just for you.

Access Sport – The Edge BMX Film from London BMX on Vimeo.