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Loved having people affected by the charities work come out on various stages and talk/cycle with us.
Graeme, Scotland
Route signing was spectacularly good. Absolutely first class.
Paul, South East somewhere
A massive achievement that no one will ever be able to take away from you.
Rory, Devon
Congratulations on an excellent event. Superb organisation throughout, even the weather was great. I'll never forget it.
Alex, London
Route signing was barnstorming!!! I am still in awe of the whole operation. How did you do it?! Seriously, an incredible event. Utterly brilliant in every way. Thank you so much.
Jamie, London
The obvious sincerity and involvement of the Wates family added to the nature of the event and made the fundraising important and worthwhile rather than just an obligation.
Peter, London
Simply amazing! I could list lots of superlatives, but the event is the best thing I've ever done. I connected with it physically, emotionally and spiritually, the latter two I had not expected at all. It is unique in so many ways, it is physically challenging and needs to be trained for, but it simply is incredible.
Trevor, Edinburgh
The superb organisation, fantastic support on the road and the heart-warming camaraderie of the Tour de Force peleton make it the one of the the most amazing amateur cycling events that you can do. Enrich your life by joining in!
Jeremy, London
It was simply the best thing I have ever done....... A real life highlight.
Tony, Edinburgh
We will never forget it. It’s amazing what you can do with will power and team support.
Team FT, London
I wanted to thank all the TdF team members, everyone was lovely, supportive, friendly and fun - just what you need when doing something which is as physically and mentally challenging as this was. Plus I loved your coffee at the food stops!
Petra, Belgium
The atmosphere that you create before the event is excellent...
Sarah, North London
Amazing. It was the best three weeks of my life. Every second was just fantastic. It was three weeks of highs, I don't remember any lows.
Neill, Glasgow
It was once again an absolutely fantastic experience, and doing the event for the second year only increased my awareness of the supreme effort and organisation that goes into making everything run so smoothly.
Pete, London
It is a truly amazing event - one of the best things I have ever participated in!
Timothy, London
Great adventure. Grab the opportunity whilst you can because it's simply not available anywhere else. Enjoy it and realise exactly what you have achieved after you complete it.
Marianne, Scotland
Wow! Wow! Wow! Congratulations! That was the most brilliant event I have ever been part of.
Carol, Newcastle
Just a note to thank you all for your superb running of the TdF, a truly outstanding combination of efficiency and fun.
Mark, London
I would like to express my sincere thanks to all the team on the Tour de Force this year both in the UK and in France. I have to say the food lived up to the previous years, the coffee was the best on the road, and the hotel in Montauban was a complete joy!
Jamie, Marlborough
The whole experience was just fantastic. But above all the thoroughness and passion you gave to every detail of the ride. The signing, the feeding, the accommodation – just perfect.
Luke, Portsmouth
A unique opportunity to challenge your mind and body to the extreme, while raising money for a tremendous cause. Exceptionally tough but also totally rewarding.
Andrew, Edinburgh
A brilliant, brilliant, brilliant experience, even for a non-cyclist such as me!
Paddy, London
The best thing I have ever done!
Luke, Sheffield
Fantastic experience and the organisation was exceptional. I'd urge friends to do it.
Simon, London
I’ve had a few days back in the office now with some time to reflect on last week and what an amazing experience it was. Without a doubt it’s the best organised sporting event I’ve ever taken part in. It wasn’t just the logistics though, it was also the attitude of the entire team who clearly worked their socks off the whole time and must have been as exhausted as us but were always smiling and giving us encouragement.
Claire, London
My two teenage girls genuinely think I am a hero for doing the event. I will do nothing to dissuade them of that notion. That is the real power of the TdF!
Simon, London
The signing is the best in the business and one of the reasons I come back every year – seriously
Paddy, UK
Amazing, so well organised and friendly. I felt welcomed and helped through it all. The support was truly breath taking. I know people who would love the experience.
Paul, Petersfield
Tremendous fun, challenging, enjoyable, unbelievably well organised with a great atomsphere. Do it!
Phil, London
Even though I was a total novice pottering along at the back of the group I still felt part of a team on the days that I cycled the TdF. That’s an incredibly powerful message about the entire group of people involved in this year’s event.
Simon, London